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Abbey-Chesterton bridge lifted into place

09 November 2020

In misty conditions in the early hours of Sunday morning, the Abbey-Chesterton Foot & Cycle Bridge was successfully craned into its final position over the River Cam.

The bridge - a unique, ornate lattice U-beam form - is a vital part of the 3.5km-long Chisholm Trail, a mostly off-road and traffic-free route between Cambridge Station and the new Cambridge North Station. Cyclists will enjoy a wide deck on which a shallow kerb is used to clearly separate cycle traffic from pedestrian users. The inclined parapet follows a gently curving profile on which the intersecting ribs create a pattern of ‘picture window’ openings through which bridge users can enjoy views of the meadows.

The bridge and Phase 1 of the Chisholm Trail route are due to open in autumn 2021.

Image credit: SH Structures