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Reaching out and connecting
Beloved 1925 temple given new life on Lilla Lidingöbron
Finland's biggest bridge nears halfway point
Luton DART opens to passengers

Knight Architects is an extraordinary architectural practice specialising in the design of bridges and civil infrastructure

We have brought architectural excellence and design creativity to infrastructure since 2006, generating value for communities and recognition for our clients. Our approach to design is driven more than ever by the need to respect the environment.

Through proactive collaboration and intelligent design, we create memorable and distinctive bridges: landmarks as well as understated structures which embody the 'beautiful ordinary'.

We are rewriting how transport corridor infrastructure is designed in sensitive environments: to reflect the unique characteristics of the landscape and provide dynamic experiences for users.

We believe that great infrastructure design serves communities daily, adding value year after year. It improves quality of life and brings people together, forging connections, driving economies and helping to define an enduring sense of place.


Watch our short film to learn more about what we do.