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Maori people at opening ceremony walking across the deck at night with bridge lighting


Asking the right questions

We design bridges that address the key questions: “why is this project needed?” and “who will it affect?” as well as the more familiar, technically-focused “what is the solution?” and “how will it be built?”. Our approach helps ensure the environmental footprint of a project is minimised and justified. Whatever your goals, our diverse team has the experience and expertise to guide you through the process.

Telling the story

Communicating a narrative is at the centre of our approach. We work with you to respond to the needs of the whole project team, bridging the gap between engineering and architecture to turn vision into reality. We respond to the physical, political and social context of a project. We build trust and understanding by bringing stakeholders and communities with us on the design journey. By speaking the many languages of our industry, we deliver solutions that maximise value and minimise risks.

Driving design excellence

Bridges are in our DNA. As advocates of design excellence, we deliver outstanding results that have safety, sustainability and societal value at their core. This is the benefit of our specialist experience. The bridges we build provide tangible benefits for everyone, every day. We create designs that support the economy and improve connectivity, building legacies which reflect the values of the people who use them.

Pursuing responsible business behaviour

We take an ethical approach to all of our work, whether that's through the lens of design or in the relationships with our team, clients and suppliers. We are committed to pursuing responsible business practices, which is why our accreditation from both the Good Business Charter and the Living Wage Foundation matter to us.

Discover how our unique approach delivers infrastructure solutions for clients and communities across the globe.

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