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Kienlesbergbrücke wins the Association of German Architects' Hugo Häring Award

15 December 2020

The Kienlesbergbrücke's award-winning journey continues with Baden-Württemberg's oldest and most important architecture prize: the Hugo Häring Award. Chosen every three years, the winners are recognised for their exemplary work throughout the region. Knight Architects is the only recipient outside of Germany/Austria/Switzerland to win the award this year.

A small selection of the Award winners will then go on to secure the Hugo Häring Landespreis (or State Prize), awarded in late 2021.

Congratulations to our partner Krebs + Kiefer and to our client Stadtwerke Ulm!

“The Kienlesbergbrücke is an example of how a collaboration between architect and engineer can create transport structures of outstanding quality.”

- Hugo Häring Award jury

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