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Kienlesbergbrücke announced as Civic Trust Awards International Finalist

05 November 2019

Knight Architects' Kienlesbergbrücke has reached the Finalist stage of the 2020 Civic Trust Awards. The competition-winning structure, designed with engineer Krebs + Kiefer, is one of only 14 international projects to have made it through the assessment process to Finalist stage.

The bridge is a direct response to the city of Ulm's plan to improve both the public transport system and the pedestrian and cycle network, providing opportunities for ‘greener’ means of transportation. As a vital new link in a city that is heavily subdivided by its railway network, the Kienlesbergbrücke and the new tram line it carries enhance connectivity between the north of the city and its historic centre with its central station. The crossing has also become a dynamic public space - a destination and new view point from which to admire the famous Ulm Minster, the tallest church in the world.

Winning schemes will be presented with their Civic Trust Award or Commendation at the 61st Annual Civic Trust Awards Ceremony. This will be held on 6 March 2020 at the Imperial War Museum North in Manchester.

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