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Martin Knight on The Engineers Collective Podcast

27 July 2021

The importance of collaboration between architects and engineers

Martin Knight recently joined New Civil Engineer’s editor, Claire Smith, and BDP principal, Michelle McDowell, for a discussion on the importance of collaboration between architects and engineers for The Engineers Collective Podcast.

Aired this morning, the episode features an in-depth talk about the need for engineers and architects to work together more collaboratively in the future, and the positive outcomes for projects when they do.

With the two disciplines working closer together than they used to, Martin and Michelle address some of the misconceptions architects and engineers have about each other, and what benefits could arise from a better understanding on both sides. They talk about how delivery with consideration from all corners can improve the experience for the end user, and what barriers currently exist which prevent closer collaboration.

Multidisciplinary collaboration is, we believe, at the core of every successful project, and we are grateful to New Civil Engineer for orchestrating such an important discussion.

This episode of The Engineers Collective Podcast is available here.