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ELOR Active Travel Bridges

Leeds, UK

ELOR Active Travel Bridges

Leeds, UK


Leeds City Council (LCC)


2018 - 2022

Design Team

Knight Architects, Atkins


Balfour Beatty


ICE Yorkshire and Humber Centenary Award 2023

British Horse Society Award 2022

British Construction Industry Award 2023

A holistic approach to corridor design

East Leeds Orbital Route (ELOR) is a new dual two-lane highway planned to connect the phases of the East Leeds Extension (ELE) creating a major strategic growth area for the city. As a key piece of infrastructure, ELE is reliant upon the early delivery of ELOR, which will dictate and define the identity, character and quality of the wider development areas.

The potential for ELOR to act as a physical barrier to pedestrians, cyclists, equestrians and fauna is addressed with two new underpasses and three Active Travel bridges, connecting existing radial routes as well as the new routes along the corridor. Each of these connections makes an important contribution to the success of ELOR in terms of its use and permeability, as well as providing a desired sense of place which supports the overall ambition for the scheme.

The architectural approach to these understated structures creates a narrative that is unique for ELOR and ties together the various parts of the corridor scheme. At the same time, our designs fulfil the client's expectation for a family of 'Beautiful Ordinary' designs, which are elegant and beneficial to users.

The approach to design and public engagement achieved critical support from the public and stakeholders, and provides a basis for the long-term success of the whole scheme.

“The East Leeds Orbital Route is the biggest infrastructure project undertaken by Leeds City Council for fifty years, since the completion of the Leeds Inner Ring Road. We have listened carefully to the voices of local communities and stakeholders to make sure the plans for ELOR reflect the needs and aspirations of those who will be impacted by the development”

– Councillor Richard Lewis, LCC executive member for Regeneration, Transport and Planning
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