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Shizi Yang Crossing Main Bridge

ZhuJiang Delta, China

Shizi Yang Crossing Main Bridge

ZhuJiang Delta, China


CCCC Highway Consultants (HPDI)



Design Team

Knight Architects, Cowi

Engineering and architecture at their largest scale

The Shizi Yang Crossing is a major highway scheme in the ZhuJiang Delta, in Southeast China, which includes a 12.5km-long viaduct with a main span of 2180m (the world’s largest span if built today). The scheme will further integrate the cities in the area, one of the most densely populated in the world and one of its main economic zones, untapping opportunities for further development and facilitating trade.

Knight Architects, working closely with Cowi, was responsible for a concept design for the main bridge in the scheme. The work included site analysis, identification of constraints and opportunities, challenge of design decisions in the reference design, options analysis for different bridge elements (towers, deck, anchor blocks, or access spans), and development of the concept design. Deliverables included an architectural report, high quality renders and a video.

The design has a suspension main span, supported from 367m-tall A-shaped towers, and shorter side spans over frame-shaped piers. The double deck carries a total of 16 lanes. In the main span the decks are the top and bottom chord of a Warren truss. The aim of the proposed bridge is to, within the complex engineering constraints and making functionality, structure, and architecture indissoluble, become both a landmark and a fitting addition to the site, and an important part of the future identity of the area.

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