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River Suir Sustainable Transport Bridge

Waterford, Ireland

River Suir Sustainable Transport Bridge

Waterford, Ireland


Waterford City Council



Design Team

Knight Architects, Roughan & O'Donovan, Hardesty & Hanover

Connecting Waterford's heritage to its future

As a key component of the Waterford City Public Infrastructure Project, the Sustainable Transport Bridge seeks to pay tribute to the city's vibrant trading legacy and its deep-rooted connection to the majestic River Suir.

The 207m-long pedestrian and cycle bridge will connect the city centre with the new North Quays development, a 8.23-hectare mixed-use site. The crossing will include a central opening span to facilitate river traffic. The bridge will also cater for a local shuttle bus service between the city and the North Quays site for those requiring assistance.

In addition to the Sustainable Transport Bridge, our design contributions extend to the South Plaza redevelopment. This new hub activates the waterfront and integrates the area's wider active mobility network, further enhancing the public realm of Ireland's oldest city.

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