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Yarm School Footbridge

Yarm, UK

Yarm School Footbridge

Yarm, UK


Yarm School


2021 - 2023

Design Team

Knight Architects, SH Structures, OPS Structures

Located in a bend of the River Tees, the market town of Yarm is home to the independent Yarm School. Overlooking the water, the main school is expanding its campus with new sports facilities on the eastern bank on the river. The new 70m-long footbridge will be integral in providing seamless connectivity for students, faculty and parents.

The structure is a three-span weathering steel, variable depth arched truss. Linking the school to a wooded floodplain on the opposite bank, the bridge has been carefully designed to address the required navigational channel at midspan, as well as incorporating findings from a meticulous gradient study to provide students with an accessible route across the bridge.

The free flow of water is the guiding principle around which the design has evolved. Piers have been deliberately located outside of the riverbed to avoid any obstacle to the river flow. Perforated panels on the sides of the bridge not only provide an intriguing pattern for users to enjoy, but also help to reduce the impact of future flooding.