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Cologne moves forward with sustainable public transit plans

02 January 2024

A positive start to 2024 as Stadt Köln has approved the Knight Architects / Schuessler-Plan design proposal for a new tram bridge over the Verteilerkreis Süd. This vital piece of new infrastructure will contribute to the city's wider sustainable urban development strategy, extending the north-south light rail line from the planned Arnoldshöhe terminus to Meschenich-Süd, connecting 17,000+ residents to convenient and fast public transport.

The new structure elegantly sweeps across the busy junction, successfully blending mass public transit infrastructure with the established intercity road network. Positioned in close proximity to the 'Standortmitte' sculpture, the path of the tram bridge both celebrates and respects the landmark that marks the start of Germany's first Autobahn (its twin is located in Bonn).