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Corridor infrastructure takes centre stage

12 October 2023

From the future of HS2 to a recent industry-uniting study, the multidimensional impacts of corridors have never been so relevant.

As designers working in the complex world of linear infrastructure, we were delighted to contribute to Hassell's important study Corridors: Designing linear infrastructure in a non-linear world. The results of their deep dive into major corridor projects reflect our own experiences in this sector. We recognise, for example, many of the challenges faced across stakeholder boundaries, including pain/gain trade-offs. Our work has shown, however, that successful outcomes can be achieved by sensitively responding to the juxtaposition of scheme identity with local context; consistency with individuality, resulting in a coherent yet contextual user experience throughout a corridor scheme.

This is exemplified in the East Leeds Orbital Route, which was the winner of the Transport Project of the Year at the British Construction Industry Awards yesterday. Our holistic approach to human-centric design has contributed to the success of this 6.8km strategic corridor scheme, overcoming barriers to movement and actively contributing to the wellbeing of society.

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