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Cycle superhighway link opens in Munich

16 May 2024

Earlier today, the Offenbachstrasse Bridge was officially inaugurated, marking a milestone in Munich's plans to build a city-wide active mobility network with a central focus on cycle superhighways.

The elegant 22m crossing, designed by Knight Architects in collaboration with WTM Engineers, was opened by Dr.-Ing. Jeanne-Marie Ehbauer, Director of the city's 4,000-strong Construction Department, and Mobility Officer Georg Dunkel. The bridge sits above the major Offenbachstrasse and will enable cyclists and pedestrians from the east of Munich's Laim district to cross the busy road without disrupting vehicular travel towards the Munich Laim S-Bahn rail station, as well as enjoy a barrier-free link between Munich's western neighbourhoods and city centre.

“It is a civil engineering structure that is as sophisticated as it is designed for longevity, expanding and enriching Munich's bridge portfolio.”

- Dr.-Ing. Jeanne-Marie Ehbauer, Director, Department of Public Construction of the City of Munich