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Exciting promotion news!

15 May 2024

We are delighted to announce a raft of promotions at Knight Architects. The following team members have been recognised for their contributions to design and project management; their drive to support business growth; and all-round brilliance. Congratulations!

  • Andrei Subtirica: Assistant Bridge Designer
  • Anthea Schneider: Advanced Bridge Designer
  • Arianna Levantesi: Advanced Bridge Designer
  • Celine Kapper: Assistant Bridge Designer
  • Diederik Jilderda: Assistant Bridge Designer
  • Enea Latxague: Senior Associate
  • Laura Langridge: Senior Associate
  • Simon Harker: Associate
  • Theo Lawless-Jones: Assistant Bridge Designer
  • Vicki Strauss: Executive Assistant

These promotions are coupled with the arrival of several talented new designers, further enhancing the skills and expertise we provide to our clients.