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Kienlesberg Bridge wins top federal German award

02 September 2020

The Kienlesbergbrücke in Ulm, Germany, a joint collaboration between Knight Architects and Karlsruhe-based KREBS+KIEFER, has been named as the winner of the prestigious Deutscher Ingenieurbaupreis. Awarded biennially, the prize recognises outstanding built environment projects that showcase innovative engineering solutions as well as demonstrate excellence in sustainable design and construction techniques.

The Deutscher Ingenieurbaupreis is jointly awarded by the Federal Ministry of the Interior (Bundesinnenministerium) and the Federal Chamber of Engineers (Bundesingenieurkammer) and carries winner's prize money of €30,000.

This is the second time the German Government has recognised Kienlesberg Bridge as an exemplar of high-quality public realm infrastructure following the recommendation in the Baukultur Report 2020/2021: Public Spaces earlier this summer.

“For us architects it is crucial that the infrastructure we design positively contributes to the lives of the people it serves. This requires a clear vision which is shared between client, engineer and architect. In the case of the Kienlesberg Bridge, the international cooperation between KREBS+KIEFER, City of Ulm and Knight Architects was very successful despite the complexity of the project and the award is a welcome acknowledgment of this extraordinary, joint achievement.”

- Knight Architects Associate and Project Lead Bart Halaczek

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