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New Pooley Bridge lifted into place

07 May 2020

The main span of the New Pooley Bridge, comprising the pre-poured concrete arch and two planes of stainless steelwork, has been successfully lifted into place today using an enormous 1,200 tonne mobile crane!

The challenging operation marks a major milestone in the project's development and a step closer to the resumption of this critical link for the people of Pooley Bridge and the wider Cumbria community. Further key activities, including the removal of the temporary bar tying the arch springings and the installation of the hidden side spans within the abutments, will give the bridge its final overall layout.

Congratulations to all involved, including the Eric Wright team, for a seamless operation.

Image: Cumbria Crack

““I like to think that 250-odd years ago, our community created the very best bridge they could, using the very best engineering methods and design principles available. Today, I believe the ‘bridge team’ have done exactly the same, and quite frankly, she’s beautiful. Here’s to her and the village’s vibrant future – we can’t wait to share her with you once it is safe and sensible to do so."”

- Miles MacInnes, Chair of Barton and Pooley Bridge Parish Council

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